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uses of sodium bromide

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sodium bromide can treat as medicine (a sedative). sodium bromide in vivo from bromine ions, a solution to the latter can enhance the cerebral cortex inhibition, conduction sedative function, and excitement and inhibit process and the balance of the disorder is back to normal. Bromine ion to the feeling of the cerebral cortex area and the sports section are the inhibition. Therefore, to generate the sedative function at the same time, there are certain anticonvulsants role. This product and caffeine can restore excited with five and inhibition of balance, coordination between organs, to some extent, it can alleviate stomach spasms, reduce abdominal pain symptoms. Mainly used to alleviate clinical symptoms of encephalitis caused excited, save the pig, poultry salt poisoning (appropriate USES brominated calcium). In the animal, can use of abdominal pain, bromine mixture adjuvant therapy. Long distance transportation horses, can use this product do sedative.
sodium bromide can also be used for the photographic, pesticide, spices, dyestuff industry, etc
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