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What is Lithium oxide

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What is Lithium oxideLithium oxide (Li2O) with its high breeding potential of the majority, is a fusion power plant of solid breeder DT material attractive candidates because lithium atomic high density (relative to the other lithium ceramic or metal lithium) and its relatively high thermal conductivity. Li2O by neutron irradiation in the high temperature in the integration of the blanket operation. In this case, the huge number of irradiation of defect Li2O, such as the swelling of helium cause, relatively high thermal expansion, grain growth, lithium hydroxide monohydrate (T) formation and in low temperature separation, and lithium hydroxide monohydrate (T) collective transportation of high temperature. In addition, Li2O suffer in the Li2O and structure of the difference between material thermal pressure for. Li2O these characteristics of lead in, whether in manufacturing and blankets design challenging engineering problems.
Lithium oxide powder (Li2O) typical application: A) lithium oxide ceramic glaze were used as A material flux; And create copper and cobalt blue, pink. Lithium oxide with water and steam reaction, form the lithium hydroxide monohydrate, should from their isolated. B) it’s use is also survey the destructive emission evaluation and thermal barrier coating system in degradation monitoring. It can be added as cooperation and yttrium doping in zirconia ceramics surface coating, coating expected service life is greatly reduced. In high temperature, oxidation lithium gave a very detected spectrum model, strength increases, the degeneration of coating. Implementation will make this kind of field monitoring the system, and make an effective means to predict life, until the fault or the necessary maintenance. C) possible new use is as an alternative cobalt acid lithium as used in notebook computer batteries from cell phones to drive car power electronics device in the lithium ion battery of the positive.