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Anhydrous sodium sulfate for sale cc

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Anhydrous sodium sulfate for sale ccAnhydrous sodium sulfate , also known as Glauber’s salt , sodium sulfate ; Chemical Formula : Na2SO4 Molecular Weight : 142.04 Appearance: white uniform fine particles or powder . Odorless , salty and with a bitter taste . Density : 2.68g/cm. Melting point of 884 ℃. Soluble in water , solubility within the 0-30.4 ℃ rapidly with increasing temperature . Soluble in glycerin , insoluble in ethanol. Solution was neutral . When the solution is lower than 32.38 ℃ , places ten monohydrate crystallization . Higher than 32.38 ℃ begins with anhydrous sodium sulfate crystallization .
Applications Mainly used for drying organic solvents except water, in addition to the effect of water fast , remaining less so . Dyes and additives can also be used as a filler to adjust the concentration of dyes and additives , so that up to standard levels . Also be used as direct dyes , sulfur dyes , vat dyes in the dye -promoting agent when cotton , silk dyeing direct and acid dyes in wool and animal fibers of slow dye , printed silk fabrics are also used when refining the background protective agent . Manufacture of kraft pulp and paper industry as a cooking agent when . Pharmaceutical industry as a barium salt poisoning antidote. In addition, for the glass , the construction industry and so on.