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The Introduction of Rubidium nitrate

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The Introduction of Rubidium nitrateRubidium nitrate is an inorganic compound , belonging to nitrate by nitrogen, rubidium , oxygen composition, as a salt , the chemical formula for RbClO3. Rubidium nitrate is a white salt , the water has a very high high solubility .Rubidium nitrate is a white crystalline powder , easily soluble in water and very slightly soluble in acetone . Rubidium nitrate flame color is purple / light purple .Rubidium nitrate form of colorless , highly hygroscopic crystal triangular crystal structure , space group P31m, the lattice parameters a = 1047pm, c = 745pm. There are four units per unit cell , soluble in water. The crystal 's refractive index nD = 1.524 . Rubidium nitrate have two different structures , transition temperature of 161.4 ° C and 219 ° C. Read more: Rubidium nitrate for sale

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