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Lithium-Aluminum Alloy advantages and applicable

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Lithium-Aluminum Alloy, aviation technology, new materials, new materials is an important foundation of the aviation and aerospace technology, aerospace technology development continue to raise new issues and requirements of materials science. The aluminum-lithium alloy is one of the last decade in the fastest growing aviation metal materials.
The advantages of lithium-Aluminum Alloy, Lithium is the lightest metallic element in the world. Lithium added as an alloying element in aluminum to form aluminum-lithium alloy. By adding lithium alloy can reduce the proportion of increase in stiffness, while still maintaining high strength, good corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance, and appropriate ductility. Because of these features, this new alloy has been widespread concern in the aviation, aerospace and maritime industry. It is because of the many advantages of this alloy, attracting many scientists to its research, Lithium-Aluminum Alloy development projects like the mushrooming rapidly developed..

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